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Reform Our Tax Code

Jeff knows that job creators shop for low-cost government in the same way consumers shop for low prices.  Kansas currently has one of the highest cost governments which has lost us more jobs than any other state in the nation.  We must change this by implementing a competitive tax policy which will immediately turn our state into a magnet for job creators.

Reward Those Who Help Shrink Government

Public employees who are on the job every day know where government inefficiency exists.  However, unlike private business, they are not incentivized to identify and eliminate waste and inefficiency.  We must reward public employees for saving taxpayer dollars and shrinking the footprint of government.

Results Oriented Education

A world-class education is essential to our children’s future.  Jeff believes educators and administrators should be rewarded for exceptional academic results delivered in the most cost-effective manner.  At the same time, we must provide our teachers with the tools for success and the latitude to employ their most innovative teaching methods.